The history of Carmenère in Chile began in 1850 when national vintners traveled to Bordeaux, France and returned with noble French varieties. The variety disappeared in Europe shortly thereafter as a result of the phylloxera crisis. It remained in Chile, however, and for the following century was associated with Merlot. In 1994, French ampelographer Boursiquot visited one vineyard in Maipo Alto that was supposedly Merlot, but identified it as Carmenère, that was dissaperead in Europe for the phylloxera crisis.

On this tour we will review Carmenère’s recent history by visiting De Martino winerie that was the first to bottle wines of this kind and one of the emblematic examples of this variety. Finally, you will have the opportunity to buy the best wines of this variety in a wine shop in Santiago.

Discover Chilean wine’s emblematic variety.