This 1-day tour will introduce you to the elements of terroir—climate, soils, vines, and the human hand—in the Maipo Alto and Alto Cachapoal. You will also taste the wines that truly express their origin.

We depart from Santiago and head to the foot of the Andes Mountains and proceed along the Maipo Alto Wine Route as our specialized guide explains the geo-climatic aspects of the area. We will visit the vineyards at Viña Pérez Cruz to learn about the specifics of area viticulture and then taste the wines produced from this terroir.

We move south to Alto Cachapoal, passing the vineyards in Requínoa to reach the Totihue sector, home of Altaïr Vineyards & Winery. Our host will present the characteristics of the area’s climate and soils and explain the vine management practices used throughout the year to produce the icon wine Altaïr.

We will conclude our visit by tasting this wine, which faithfully expresses its terroir. Discover the origins of the Maipo Alto and Alto Cachapoal wines.